Thursday, April 27, 2017

When The Winds Blow...

Wasn't it just a couple weeks ago I blogged about 
how we were going to be tearing down our barn
and rebuilding it into this really cool shed?

Our plan was to start this in June after we had some kitchen updates
and our guest bedroom finished.

Well, the Big Guy had other plans for us.

We had one heck of a  crazy storm with heavy straight winds come through.

Along with hail...

And rain...

And a big 'ol mess was left.

In all actuality, this couldn't have come down any sweeter.
My husband wanted to leave the new section of the barn intact
(he and our son's built that along with the help of his buddy, Mel)

And of course, we wanted to salvage as much lumber and barn board as possible to
rebuild the new shed.

Well, the new section is perfectly intact and 90% of the wood is still quite usable.

We are now busy sorting through it all in between rain spells.
We have some family that have volunteered to help, which we are truly
grateful for!  It's going to take some time,
but it will get done.

We also found we had to put in a camera system to
avoid poachers coming in to happily help themselves to some barn board
(I tell ya...this stuff is like gold!)
So think twice before you sneak out here. 
You'll be caught on camera!

In between the rain we've been having,
we are working on our guest room.

I'm including a couple 'before' pictures.
This was our youngest son's room.

I will have some 'after' shots at some point next week.

But I can share the new light with you so you get the idea of where this is headed.

We hope this finds you all well and happy and busy 
creating good things!
From our Breezy Lane to yours...
Skeet & Cindy

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