Sunday, March 5, 2017

Mercury Glass

Hello out there!
I don't know about you, but we have been having some
beautiful weather here lately.
The winds have been a bit gusty, so true to our name,
it's been pretty breezy on the home front.

Our youngest son is getting married next year, so we are busy
looking for decorating ideas for the vintage romance theme of the wedding.
Hearing 'vintage' directed my mind right to mercury glass, but it's so expensive.

I did some searches on Pinterest and kind of combined ideas
from each of my readings into what I'm showing you today
(FYI...I am not being paid for any type of sponsorship in this post).

What you'll need:
  • Looking glass spray (I used Krylon...not sure what other brands there are, but found this at WalMart)
  • Any type of glassware you would like to beautify
  • A spray bottle that has a mist setting (trust want this setting)
  • A mixture of equal parts vinegar & water (I used 1/2 cup each for this post, but still have some left)
  • Paper towels

You'll want to make sure your glass is clean and dry and absolutely make sure you are in a well ventilated area.

Since we will more than likely have candles or flowers in the jars, I did the process on the outside of the jar.  A lot of tutorials out there have this done on the inside, but I'm not taking any chances on a fire starting on their special day!

I used a cheese jar along with an olive jar, just to see how different I could make them.

Place newspaper down and set your jar upside down.
I stood about 2-1/2 feel away and sprayed a gentle mist on the jar.
You don't want any drips happening, just tiny water bubbles.
Right away, lightly spray with the looking glass spray.  

Wait around 45 seconds (give or take)
and use your paper town to blot the jar.  You can also push the paper towel a bit to give it a more crackled look. This dries rather quickly, so you'll need to find the right amount of time after spraying to blot it.  I'm going to try around 30 seconds next time.
You can do your next coat right away repeating the steps above.  Add as many coats until you have your desired look.

Now keep in mind this is the first time I've ever done this, so mine isn't perfect.
I'll be practicing a lot more until the wedding to get it how I want it.

The photo below is after two coats.

I ended up doing six coats.  I added some lace to soften it up.

The former cheese jar below.

And the former olive jar.

They do make for a pretty little vignette.

I plan on saving all my glass jars and keep practicing, but overall, this was a fun and fast project.
If you try this make sure to tag me on Instagram (breezylanecreations) so I can see it!
And if you are a pro at this, give me a holler with any tips & tricks you might have.

Happy creating!
Skeet & Cindy

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